La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Spring EP 2021 🌸

Les Disques du bord de l’eau, is the recording label of the Festival Week-end, au bord de l’eau, that is an event which has taken place since 2007 next to the Geronde lake in Sierre, Switzerland. The record label has currently released EP’s with established artists such as, El Búho, Rodrigo Gallardo, TM Juke, Fka Mash, Felix Laband, Atjazz ou Hibotep.

The next release scheduled for the 1st of March 2021, was composed by Eat My Butterfly, an artist from the Reunion Island. Behind this chrysalis, hides Dilo, percussionist, composer, and performer whose musical signature mixes as much the traditional Maloya as the primitive grunt of her synthesizers.

The title Déor (Outside in Creole language) was written in the spring of 2020 during the 1st lockdown and echoes this period of calm and introspection for humans where nature and the singing of birds had regained their rights for a few weeks.

Three remixes complete this spring release from three different continents. Lagartijeando, child of the Argentinian hinterland and author of many releases on ZZK Records, Leeu, South African artist, whose Suidtronica made its place in the country of kwaito and deep house, and Dan Bay, whose many outings are an invitation to travel and contemplation.

One year to the day, after time has stopped the space of a lockdown, this title comes to remind each one of us of this introspective period in history and especially not to forget that we, humans, are only guests on this earth.

Digital release 1st March 2021
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12” Double Vinyl Gatefold
1st February 2022
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