La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Winter EP 2020 ❄️

Les Disques du bord de l’eau, is the recording label of the Festival Week-end, au bord de l’eau, that is an event which has taken place since 2007 next to the Geronde lake in Sierre, Switzerland. The record label has currently released EP’s with established artists such as, El Búho, Rodrigo Gallardo, TM Juke, Cuebur, Megablast, Fka Mash, Atjazz or DJ Oil.

For this next release scheduled for 1st of December, Titoffee, (who is the label & festival founder of au bord de l’eau, from Sierre, Switzerland), and Hibotep, (a Somalian poet and DJ, who is based in Kampala, Uganda), have spent the last few months of the year creating and preparing a composition which combines poetry and contemporary downtempo electronic music.

Titoffee and Hibotep entwined their individual ideas to create what would establish the original recording entitled, “Hold on to your Love”.  The lyrics written and performed by Hibotep, observe the demographic injustices, racism, and resilience in Africa, and she suggests in an understated poetic style, her vision for a better life through the collective principals of empathy, solidarity, and hope.

The remixes includes a planning version by Felix Laband, pioneer of the 2000 South African electronic music scene & Leeu, talented downtempo producer from Johannesburg and  a downtempo percussive mix, by Soul Wun, a 22-year-old music producer from Newcastle in Australia, who is highly regarded for his atmospheric and melodic music compositions.

Dee C’rell, English composer, producer, pianist, and DJ, recognised world-wide for his pioneering compositional within electronic, contemporary, and jazz related music has joined his force. The Hibotep poesy was initially inspired by an instrumental composition by Dee C’rell entitled, “Catching Stars As They Fall”, which was released on Holm Records in 2017 and that will be re-released.

Each remix offers a unique version of the original track, that lets us enjoy this coming winter with the emergence of hope and love as we head forward from these somewhat, difficult times.

Digital release date 1 decenber 2020
Streaming & download ditigal link

Double Gatefold Vinyl order 1st february 2021