La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Summer EP 2020 ☀️

  • Umoya (Original Mix)

  • Umoya (Barrio Lindo Remix)

  • Umoya (Cuebur Spirit Remix)


Starting with a digital seasonal release (from spring to winter) and a double gatefold vinyl at the end of year, this label inspired from Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau universe will get driven by seasons which are strongly marked in Valais state by blooming spring, hot and dry summer, colourful autumn and snowy winter.

For this 2020 summer release, Neuquén Groove, Thomas Jousse & Steven Barnes collaborate with traditional instrumentation from Argentinians Pablo Rozas and Gustavo Filograsso, and the beautiful voice of the Swedish singer Antonia Vai to offers a wild mix between modern electronica and ancient rhythms from varied corners of the world. This beautiful work is called Umoya, meaning spirit in Xhosa or Zulu in South Africa. The legend says that when you draw someone in picture you can capture its spirit.

The remixes include a collaboration with the Argentinian luthier and producer Barrio Lindo from Buenos Aires and co-founder of Shika Shika Records, and Cuebur (South Africa), known as one of the best deep house remixer in the rainbow nation. Each remix offers a 2nd reading of the track that let us enjoy the summer with humility and simplicity inspired by the force of nature.

Enjoy !

Digital release date 15 June 2020
Streaming & download ditigal link

Double Gatefold Vinyl order 1st february 2021