La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Spring EP 2020 🌸

For the first release of 2020, Enflure, a young artist from Paris has shared his collection with the Festival label with a track written along the coast in South Africa when he was filming a skateboarding documentary. This ride along the Indian ocean from the Garden Route to Durban is floating from the first notes of the track.

The remixes include TM Juke (Brighton) bassist of Alice Russell and currently leading his new band LOYAL, and Jay Airiness (Nantes), known as well under the name of DJ Moar. Each remix offers a 2nd reading of the track that smells already blooming flowers, bees and pollens.

Enjoy !

Digital release date 15 March 2020
Streaming & download ditigal link

Double Gatefold Vinyl order 1st february 2021