La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Summer EP 2019 ☀️

Starting with a digital seasonal release (from spring to winter) and a double gatefold vinyl at the end of year, this label inspired from Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau universe will get driven by seasons which are strongly marked in Valais state by blooming spring, hot and dry summer, colourful autumn and snowy winter.

For this second EP of the year, Perlair (co-head with Christophe Zwissig of the radio & label) has collaborated with Hibotep, a multimedia artist from Kampala in Ouganda. This nomad African woman breaks all the rules with her heartfelt and brave output. The track Pushing is driving you to a deep and hot musical journey of a girl willing to conquer all with love and peace. Atjazz supporting the Festival for many years, seemed to be the perfect remixer knowing his passion for the African culture.

This EP is deep and warm like a summer day in Valais grooving between soul, deep house and electronica.

Enjoy !

Digital release date 15 July 2019
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