La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Spring EP 2023 🌸

The next release, scheduled for 15 March 2023, is the new single Le Temps of Elina, young artist of 21 year old born in Geneva.

This first EP is a blend of the multi talents of Elina producing, singing and songwriting all by herself. Techno heads when DJing, her productions are smoother by mixing all the influences of her childhood by growing with a dad fan of techno, house and trance.

Two remixes complete this winter release with a melodic techno remix of Inessa from Austria, and a electronica pop flying remix from a collaboration between Leeu (South Africa) & Titoffee (Switzerland).

This forthcoming EP has been written for everyone that needs to reflects from waiting for someone love.

Digital release 15 March 2023
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