La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Winter EP 2023 ❄️

The next release, scheduled for 7 december, 2023, is the new single “No Llores” composed by Atarrayo, artist healing from Barranquilla in Colombia and the band Sexteto Tabala based in Northern Colombian village of San Basilio de Palenque singing in native Palanquero language is thought to be the only Spanish-based Creole language in Latin America.

No Llores speaks about the travelling of people from Cuba to Colombia, to the slavery time but first about the feelings of being sad en colour.

5 remixes accompany this winter release, taking us on a musical journey from Chile to Switzerland, Germany and Ecuador.

This upcoming EP has been created to honour Rafael Cassiani, Sexteto Tabala and the magic of Colombia and in collaboration with Palenque Records.

Digital release 7 december 2023
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