La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

L’été dans ma vallée

The next release scheduled for September 21, 2021, was composed and written by Titoffee in tribute to the Geronde Lake in Sierre, Switzerland. This place with emerald waters that it spends every summer since its childhood is a place of rest, inspiration and relaxation dear to the heart of the people of Sierre.

L’été dans ma vallée (Summer in my valley) refers to the Valais mountains, the summer heat and the long warm evenings that when they arrive at their terms evoke moments of nostalgia and melancholy waiting for next summer. Christophe alias Titoffee has teamed up with Shereen, a young artist from Marseille with Moroccan origins, whose sweet and tangy voice was a favorite.

On the occasion of this EP for the 1st day of autumn, the label proposes a dub version of the track Hold on to your love by Titoffee & Hibotep remixed by Felix Laband & Leeu released at the begin of December 2020 in vinyl and digital.

Digital release 21 September 2021
Digital link