La Radio du bord du l'eau – Sierre (Switzerland)

Autumn EP 2022🍂

  • Unlock The Key (Original Mix)

  • Unlock The Key (Antipop Remix)

  • Unlock The Key (Roman Blum Remix)

  • Unlock The Key (KĂștus Remix)

  • Unlock The Key (Qlons Remix)


Unlock the Key is a song composed by Titoffee, Swiss producer from the Swiss Mountain of Valais & Hibotep, DJ & Poet from Ethiopia based in Kampala in Uganda. The duo known of deep and sweet collaboration, has written this track as a letter to everyone looking to find their own peace.

Four remixes complete this autumn release with a dreamy space remix from Antipop of Telepopmusik, Roman Blum, Swiss downtempo producer, KĂștus German duo with both an organic tribal approach and Qlons, techno producer hailing from the Swiss mountain of Valais too !

This forthcoming EP has been written for everyone that need to find its own key of peace. Enjoy !

Digital release 21 September 2022
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